Trip down memory lane

Pros of being a model for years:

Photos upon photos upon photos upon photos.

Let’s start a weekly #throwbackthursday on the blog so you guys can really catch up on what’s been going on.

I’ll post 5 photos and a small summarize when, where and why it was taken. Does that sound fun? 😀

30th of August 2016. MY FIRST CAR!

This was one of the best days of my life. I bought my baby in Somerset West and I remember screaming of joy and happiness. When we moved back to Sweden I had to sell him (I named him Indiana Jones), which was so sad. But, I’m sure he has a new owner now that takes good care om him.

16th of August 2016. Elephant Sanctuary in Knysna.

Met this “little” dude at the elephant sanctuary in Knysna, South Africa.

24th of July 2016. Our first trip to Sweden together.

First time Diaan went with me to Stockholm. We stayed for 2 months in my apartment and loved every second of it. My dad took us to a football game. The hooligans were a bit too hectic but, other than that I think Diaan liked it, haha!

27th of June 2016. Meet Marie B.

This is a photo from my FIRST shoot with Marie Bärsch and Alex. I’m not sure how many photoshoots we’ve done together, I stopped counting after the 20th one…

16th of May 2016. Our 1,5 year anniversary.

Diaan flew me to Florida so we could spend some time together while he was getting his American pilot license. I was in New York modeling at the time, so it was a nice little break. Our 3 year anniversary is coming up soon! Although, we’ve actually been on dates since early 2015… (I was being difficult haha)

Hope you enjoyed this little throwback! Let me know if this is something I should start posting every week 🙂

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