Peace & Quiet

That is what Yasuragi is all about.

The absolutely stunning Japanese spa and retreat is situated in the beautiful scenery of Hasseludden.

Myself and 7 other influencers were invited to spend the Thursday afternoon and evening at Yasuragi, enjoying the spa and trying out their new vegan restaurant, Saishoku.

Yasuragi’s concept leads: “Feel good, Do good.” and that’s the feeling I get from spending my day there.

Something else that stands out is Yasuragi’s way of looking at sustainability. For example, they have heavily reduced serving of red meat and must now be ordered off the menu. Fun fact is that, during the first 8 months of 2018, Yasuragi served 82 000 meals and only 3,1% of them contained red meat.

In my opinion, that’s pretty impressive.

Another fun fact is that Yasuragi puts pressure on their stockists to deliver organic products. If they can’t meet the standards, they get taken off the menu!

Now, let’s see what we had for dinner,

First up was Norimaki of black rice with apple, horseradish, shiitake and smoked coconut & raw zucchini bisquit with two creams. 

Verdict? This was probably my favorite starter. I am a sushi-lover and the normaki had so much taste in it. Loved the cracker and dip for it’s simplicity and great flavor.

Second dish,  Raw almond donburi with seeds, cashew and carrot salad.

Verdict? Ok, I admit, this donburi wasn’t the easiest dish to eat with chopsticks! However, Anna Sundevall, head chef, did advise us to use our hands as cutlery for this one.

After that came, Hiyokomame with chili dip, coriander and cashew cream.

Verdict? I am not the biggest fan of coriander. This dish was definitely tasty but, it’s hard to win me over if there’s even the slightest hint of coriander.

Main course, Donburi of sweet potatoe noodles with tofu, shiitake, edamameand sesame miso stock

Verdict? Now THIS is a main course in my liking. This, I could eat 50 of. The texture and flavour  of the pancake mixed with mushrooms is just amazing. 10/10!

Finally, Raw lime cake, raw sea buckthorn donburi, raw almond bite.

Verdict? I wish I could have these as dessert over and over again for the rest of my life. The raw lime cake is just too good.

So what’s the verdict for Yasuragi?

I LOVE IT. I think we all need some down time now and then from the hectic world we live in. I appreciate the calm and quiet Yasuragi offers. It’s the perfect place for someone who wants a getaway that makes you feel 100% refreshed and restored afterwards. I can only speak good things about this place.

Thank you Yasuragi for having me!

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